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I’ve never hear a dog bite and bark at the same time.


I’ve never hear a dog bite and bark at the same time. Well, this might be the experience of a man from Nassau County on an incident that occurred sometime in June, 2006. According to a report, a man sustained injuries as a result of a dog bite in the second-floor apartment he rented in a private house owned by a married couple. The name of the dog was Milo.

The report continued that the man settled a claim with the owner of Milo in the sum of $155,000.00 arising of the dog bite incident. He added that after the dog bite, the man went to an emergency room of a hospital for treatment and was treated by a doctor. He subsequently went to that hospital for treatment of his dog bite. The man again filed also an action sounding in medical practice and negligence. It was alleged that the malpractice of the doctors caused the development of pain and the restriction of motion of his right hand. Lost wages in the sum of $30,000.00 was also claimed.

According to the source, an examination before the trial then commenced at the office of attorney of the complainant. During the deposition, the man’s attorney objected to numerous questions thus developed bitterness on both attorneys. The deposition finally went down after four hours of which a scheduled court conference followed the following day. The attorney for the accused agreed to overnight a copy of the transcript to the opponent’s attorney so that the opponent’s attorney would be able to review it and have the transcription in his possession for the court conference. The man’s attorney stated that upon receipt of the transcript, his opponent attorney chose to carefully and painstakingly indexed each and every portion of the complainant’s deposition so that he would be fully prepared to discuss these issues and injuries with the court, without ever having overnighted a copy of the transcript to the other attorney’s office for review prior to the conference. Said attorney had apologized but the court was not impressed by his belated apology and observed that even if the transcript had been overnighted in a timely manner “it is unlikely that anything meaningful with regarding to the rulings would have been accomplished”.

A reporter who followed the case further relayed that the attorneys for the respective parties stipulated that “All rights provided by the law, including the right to object to any question, except as to form, or to move to strike any testimony at this examination is reserved, and in addition, the failure to object to any question or to move to strike any testimony at this examination shall not be a bar or waiver to make such motion at, and is reserved to, the trial of this action.” The lawyer stressed that there were many objections made by the complainant’s attorney were valid in light of the questions poised. He cited an example wherein, the attorney for the accused asked the complainant where he had put the money he earned and the complainant replied that he did not have any bank account but “stuffed” his money on his mattress. Thus upon appeal to the Supreme Court, the motion by the accused for the complainant to answer all the questions by the accused attorney were all denied.

There were no criminal charges filed.

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