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When a person goes into a gas station, all he expects to do is be catered to what he wants


When a person goes into a gas station, all he expects to do is be catered to what he wants, and that is probably to have his car filled with gas or his purchase of an auto accessory completed. A gas station customer does not expect to be injured in a gas station, lest of all, be assaulted and bitten by a dog.

One afternoon, a man entered a gas station intending to buy tires for his car. An attendant directed him to look along the back bay area of an enclosed garage in the gas station because that was where the tires were located. Unbeknownst to the customer, the gas station kept a chained dog in the rear bay area of the garage where the tires were located. While standing in the back bay area, the dog attacked the customer and the customer sustained personal injuries as a result of the attack. The customer said he did not know before entering the back bay area that there was a dog. He also said that the gas attendant never informed him of the presence of the dog at the back bay area. Sources said that the animal was the cause of previous dog bite attacks against customers in the gas station.

Laws have held that the owner of an animal or inanimate object is liable for any personal injury caused by that animal or inanimate object. If the animal caused or causes harm, it is presumed that the owner was negligent. But the victim himself may also be held negligent if he knew of the viciousness of the dog, and he risked himself. By then, the victim becomes liable for any personal injury as a result of a dog attack.

It is unfortunate that a customer becomes a victim of a deadly dog attack when all he wanted to do was buy tires. In this case, the customer never knew of the risk involved when he entered into the back bay area of the station. He was expecting to find tires for his car, and not a dog. Had he known that there was a dog and know of the dog’s vicious tendencies, he would not have risked himself. If he knew of the danger and continued to go to the back bay area, then he is placing himself in harm’s way and becomes exposed to the risk and he, not the gas station, would be liable for his personal injuries caused by the dog bite.

The gas station naturally denied any liability. But evidence is clear here in pointing out that the gas station is negligent. It is not refuted that the gas station and its attendant did not inform the customer beforehand that there was a dog tied at the back bay area where the tires are located.

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