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The phrase “all hell broke loose” seems to be very appropriate in this situation


The phrase “all hell broke loose” seems to be very appropriate in this situation. This is a perfect example of a simple situation turned very bad and complicated because of a dog bite issue. This is a real life situation that we should all be aware of. This is the type of situation that an individual would need the services competent lawyers to handle them and their cases.

It happened on the evening of September 19, 1965 when two policemen decided to check out the house of a New Yorker because of a dog biteincident report at Seaford Nassau, County in New York. The complainant in this case is the neighbour of the dog owner who wanted some assistance from the authorities. The police officers arrived at the dog owner’s house at around 7:30 in the evening. The police officers knocked on the door and rang the bell. At first there was no response. It took a while before the defendant turned on the light inside the house and responded to the officers’ call. The police officers identified themselves and called out the purpose of their visit. They said that they just wanted to ask the defendant about the dog bite incident that occurred previously. The defendant however did not come out of his house. He instead went further inside which made the officers go to the side of the house to have a clearer view of where the defendant had gone to. After a couple of minutes, the defendant finally told the officers to come, apparently to the front side of his residence. According to the policemen, when they finally came face to face with the defendant, he was at the front side of the house, with a shotgun on his hands. He was “waving” the gun to the two officers saying he doesn’t have to talk to them and that he doesn’t have anything to say to them. The defendant told the officers to leave his property. He was quite agitated at this point already.

After that, the officers backed away as the defendant retreated inside his house. The officers then called for back-up. Another officer arrived at the scene. He went to the defendant’s house and identified himself, stating his purpose of being there. The defendant turned on the lights again, came to the window to listen to the officer and then went back inside. When he returned, he was again holding a shotgun. The officers tried to talk to the defendant and tried to reason with him. The officers informed him that they were not there to harm him or his dogs. They just wanted to talk to him about a dog bite incident involving his neighbor and the personal injury involved. But the defendant only turned off the lights again and did not come out. The officers decided to call for more back-up. Thirty officers arrived at the scene which officially made a simple situation into a full blast police operation.

Everything happened fast and by 11:30 that evening, the defendant let his two German shepherd loose. The police then released a tear gas and there were exchange of fire. The defendant was wounded in the shoulders and that made him came out and surrender. The officers charged him with second degree assault which he denied during the trial.

Sometimes simple situations can turn into an ugly confrontation that could mean injuries or even death to those involved.

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