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The incident happened at about 7 o’clock in the evening


According to reports that reached a reporter this is a case about two intoxicated males who are driving a vehicle despite of being under the influence of alcohol. The said car was a red Chevrolet which was allegedly parked while the driver went out to get something from a store while the other male companion stayed inside the car. The incident happened at about 7 o’clock in the evening of October 2, 1971. This makes it a criminal case.

The two people involved in the said car accidentwere Wenceslao, who was the driver and Marzulli, the passenger who allegedly made the vehicle move while parked in front of a store. According to the story, Wenceslao parked the red Chevrolet in front of the store to grab something. While parked, Marzulli stayed inside the vehicle and waited for Wenceslao. Based on accounts that reached a newsman, Marzulli was seen trying to get to the driver’s side of the vehicle. He was seen somewhere in the middle of the passenger side of the car when it began moving backwards. It was also accounted that at that time, there was no engine being started was heard in the vicinity. It was also noted that the street was levelled enough for a car or any vehicle to stay parked at any given time. The car began moving until it hit another car which was parked a few feet away from where the red Chevrolet was originally parked. Wenceslao immediately came out of the store just in time to see the accident happened. He apparently ran to his car and confronted Marzulli on what happened. After the brief exchange of words between the two men, Marzulli went back to the passenger’s seat and Wenceslao got on the Chevy and drove off, leaving the scene of the accident.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Mulvihill was in the area and saw everything that happened. He then followed the red Chevrolet driven by Wenceslao and stopped the men three blocks away from the scene of the accident. The men were taken to the station and were charged with leaving the scene of an accident wilfully. Marzulli testified that we was indeed intoxicated at that time but claimed he did nothing to make the car move while it was parked. He said that he tried to stop the car, stepping on the accelerator instead of the break in the process, after he felt that it started to move by its own. But his claims were contradicted by the police officer as well as by Wenceslao. It was fortunate, according to a source that nobody was injured in the said incident.

The charge of driving while intoxicated against Wenceslao was dropped because there was no enough proof that he was indeed intoxicated at the time he was operating the red Chevrolet. On the other hand, Marzulli was charged and found guilty of driving while intoxicated. Both men, however, were found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident which is a serious offense under the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

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