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Nothing beats the kind of care and worry of a concerned mother especially so when her son or daughter is in danger


Nothing beats the kind of care and worry of a concerned mother especially so when her son or daughter is in danger. This is a case exactly about a concerned and very worried parent about the well being of her daughter. Dog bites, no matter how small they are, are not something to be taken lightly because there could be complications that could arise. And this is exactly the premise behind such strict laws about pets and animal handling in the United States.

The complainant in this case is the mother of the young girl who was bitten by a dog. The defendant or the dog owner as well as the complainant reside in New York. The mother of the young girl testified that her daughter was bitten by a dog inside the residence of the defendant which the mother leased from them. The mother filed a case of negligence against the defendant because she believed that the defendant was very irresponsible in talking care of his pet dog. She also filed a case of violations of Agriculture and Market law for bringing or taking care of a pet dog when the lease specifically stated against it. The mother also filed a case on local leash law saying that the dog was not properly restrained in the presence of children.

Not all states have adopted their own local leash law, contrary to popular belief. In New York for example, some of the local leash laws have already been adopted for the benefit of its residents. As of this writing, the state of New York has already adopted the law that gives power to its localities to make localized leash laws. New York is also one of the states that requires leash for dangerous dogs and female dogs as well as prohibiting dogs to be at large between sunset and sunrise.

The Agriculture and Market Law 119 however discusses the proper identification of a dog by its owner as well as the different violations an owner may commit under this law. It is also about proper and diligent handling of dogs by its owner and the corresponding penalties in cases of negligence.

All the case filed against the defendant was dismissed by the court. This is because of the number of strong evidence backed up by amendments in the law regarding dog bites.

Some people may look at this type of case as simple or something that shouldn’t be taken seriously. But the truth is it is complicated and more serious than you think. The law sees this as a threat to someone’s life. This is the very reason why lawyers are vigilant in helping those who are in such situations.

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