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Dog attacks are common problems in any community


Dog attacks are common problems in any community. While dogs are considered man’s best friend, they can turn vicious and injurea person, or worse, kill.

On afternoon in April, a man was walking down a public sidewalk after purchasing some goods when a loose dog ran up to him and bit him on the hand. The victim said he did not provoke the dog. The victim sustained personal injuries and the box containing his purchases was damaged as a result of that dog assault. The victim then called the local police. He received antibiotics for a period of one week as a result of the dog bite.

The victim filed a formal complaint against the dog’s owners and sought to recover damages as a result of the personal injuries he sustained from the dog bite. The dog owners were also charged with violating a local law for having their dog running loose.

According to several studies, these dog attacks are problems that do not seem to decrease in number. To help reduce dog attacks, local laws place the burden upon the dog owners to look after their animals. Dog owners are deemed liable when their dogs attack innocent victims and cause harm. However, it has been held that when it is the victim who provoked the dog into attacking him, the one liable for whatever injuries sustained is the victim himself. Once a dog is determined to be dangerous, upon proper determination and hearing before a court of competent jurisdiction, these dogs can be confined.

It was a popular theory that for a dog to be considered “dangerous” it has to have caused injuries to a victim first. But this theory is no longer considered today. Dog owners may be liable for negligence if they allow their dogs to run in the public streets at large without a muzzle. If it is known that a dog is vicious, and the dog owner knows that, the owner must keep the dog in a secure and safe place, to avoid the dog from assaulting the general public. Otherwise, the owner can be charged for any failure to prevent the animal from causing harm to any person who, without essential fault, is injured. The owner is even also responsible in warning trespassers that he has a dog. Local laws impose a penalty, ranging from a fine to imprisonment, for negligent dog owners.

Evidence presented in this case showed that the couple who owned the dog was negligent. They failed to provide the proper leash to their dog, resulting to the dog running loose in a public street, and harming, almost killing an innocent victim.

It is just but right to require dog owners to leash their dogs to refrain from causing harm to people that may result in injuries, and worse, death. Dogs cannot be held responsible for their actions, but their owners should be.

It is unfortunate to be a victim of dog bites and dog attacks because of someone else’s negligence. There are New York Dog Bite Injury Attorneys who can stand by you and make sure you and your loved ones are compensated.

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